Letters: July 16, 2006

God damn, we think we got more letters during our recent hiatus, proving that readers are more apt to reach out to us when we are cold and impassive. You want us to hurt you.


Please have Mr. Bunson contact Dr. Ima Sociopath here at NIMH as soon as he returns to the office. It's for his own good. We're from the gocernment, and we're here to help. - Pete

Josh: The government is one thing, but I'm not sure I trust the gocernment. Oh, who am I kidding -- of course I do!


r u fucking serious!!! - 152

Josh: omg yes wai


I inadvertantly stumbled onto this site and became enraged by what was written within. Who do you people think you are? This is a free country and the citizens have rights protecting his/her individuallity. What I read here was what appeared to be homo=phobic jealousy. Are you so insecure with your own seaxuallity that you are afraid of be "outted?" Cudo to you Jared! Do as you want, and forget about these people that are jealouse of your abilities, or those that have secret lustings for you and cover it up by wanting others to hate you. As for you, the biggot that can't deal with being attracted to another man and tries to compensate by attacking him (much like school boys) by yelling "Queer!", Grow the #*^( up! You are too transparent. - Richard

Josh: I have no idea what story this is talking about, but I love "secret lustings".

In Other News

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Anti-Incumbent Sentiment In Washington Kills Senator Robert Byrd (06/28/10)

The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

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U.S. Identifies Vast Deposits Of Unobtainium In Afghanistan (06/16/10)

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Area Man Definitely Counting That Walk To The Mailbox As Today's Exercise (06/10/10)

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