Letters: July 23, 2006

Hardly any letters this week means we feel less remorse about the upcoming hiatus, so thanks, jerks! Let's see what those of you who did write in had to say.


I read the article, "The Real Goth" and I found it very amusing. I agree. I shop at Hot Topic, and wear TRIPP pants and only black clothing, yet I do not consider myself goth. I agree with everything 'Goth Gary' said. A lot of people are just sad cheap imitations of goth. I't sad really. - Veronica

Josh: A letter about a Goth Gary article that understands that Goth Gary is not a real person? IT'S SO COLD IN HELL...SO VERY COLD

Spam perfection (not the meat kind).

I know you stopped the spam email thing ages ago but I have just discovered this quite, quite beautiful email sent to me recently;

(P.S. if anyone knows what Lewis-Rays are please tell me, are they renaming the electromagnetic spectrum?)

From : Russell Barr
Sent : 17 July 2006 09:41:23
To : [none of your business]
Subject : Re: Fwd: your password

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Josh: That is the sexiest email we've ever read. Thank you.


I would just like to comment on "The Real Goth". Black is not necessary to be Goth. Since the scene is filled with cookie-cutter, black clad people who generally avoid the few daring individuals who might wear white, or gods forbid *gasp!* include color in their wardrobe. This lack of individualism strongly suggests to someone who doesn't really understand Goth that we have a uniform look or worse, that we are conformists. Now on to the whole makeup thing. The central idea that Goths are individuals and all exercise their own judgment on how they feel like looking. Sure, makeup is pretty cool, and its application can be a fun pre-outing ritual, but again, it is far from necessary. Now on to all that dark and dreary stuff. Goths are by and large more fixated on the concept of beauty as an abstract, creative endeavors (both their own and those of historical origins) and simply trying to get ahead in a society that doesn't share their individual aesthetics, values and principals. Goth while often dark and eerie, is NOT obsessed with death. And you my friend are a skin-Goth a poseur. thanks for reading now have fun. - unknown

Josh: I appreciate that unlike most Goth Gary letters, you ran spell check and can speak coherently, but unfortunately you did not run "stupid missing the point check". FAILURE.

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