Letters: July 30, 2006

Did you know that next week's edition of the letters will be the 200th? That's 200 times we sat here and typed up responses to your thoughts and feelings. What does this mean? Try to write something interesting, so that we're motivated to go 200 more.

Names being the same.

There are OTHERS that have the name Bryan Albers. I am sincere when I say I do not appreciate that your site comes up saying you want to murder me. It is the first google search on my name even with the "Y" in it. Is there any chance that I could convince you to please take it down? (I am asking out of kindness) It is kinda old news is it not after all~~~ Thank You - Bryan Albers

Josh: Somewhere out there, there's a guy named George W. Bush that cries himself to sleep every night. (P.S. - That means the answer is "no".)


I finally figured out the REAL twist in Lady In The Water: you find out at the end that Shyamalan and his directing career are really dead! - Ozzie

Josh: OWNED. You lose, M. Night.

A good point.

u suck - anon

Josh: That's true, but I look so good doing it that most people don't realize the difference.

Who is "Codoleeza"? Revealed!

codoleeza rice is leading the USA to catastrophy. She was chosen for a stupid president to gill the political emptiness in his mind. She was chosen for him by his father.Now rice knows that she screwd up in everything and she is blindly opening several war outlets to cover such failure . The war in Irak hasn't come up with the expected results that's why she fervently supported the war on Lebanon and made it last just to make us americans think that we still have enemies everywhere. Tomorrow she will wage another war maybe on N.korea, Iran or saudan. The point is that she will send more and more of our children to war. She certainly doesn't care about who dies. She doesn't have kids to worry about - lorenzo

Josh: This email is so wacky, Scott B. killed himself! Thanks a lot, lorenzo.


YOu are one sick - and MIS-informed MF! You are your own worst enemy! and a sad one at that. DUH ! - Robert

Josh: Hahahah, I love this email. The "DUH!" at the end is the best, like, "Duh, Josh! You should have known you're an MF!"

In Other News

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