Letters: August 20, 2009

A few of your precious thoughts and feelings made it into our update for this week. Were yours among them, or are you doomed to another week of depression? Find out!

Filled With Correctings.

I literally threw up a little in my mouth after reading that most of the things I say are grammatically incorrect. Iregardless, I could care less what a bunch of snobs like you think. Written speech and verbostic communication are apples and bannas. Incomparabalistic. - Grammatical Grinch

Josh: You may not have realized this, but your letter was filled with grammatical errors! Haha, go to hell.

We Hate It When Dudes Look Like Ladies.

Your bit about Steve Tyler got me to thinking. Do we REALLY wanna take his advice and "Walk This Way"? - Kilroy

Josh: It wasn't us he was fooling -- he knew what he was doing.

Hyper Spam?

You sound like the enduring moron ! You need some credibility ! [bizarre link removed - Ed] - Bill

Josh: This was a weird one. Bill's link took us to a strange webpage with a labored, protracted definition of "credibility", plus some stuff about DNA and shit. Not even kidding.

At Least The Movie Is Coming...

I can't believe I haven't found this before now, but this is officially the funniest thing I have ever read. I wouldn't be surprised if real people actually made most of those comments. - Donavon

Josh: There's no time to laugh, Donavon: we must join the growing legion of people who are demanding that President Obama take action and put Arrested Development back on the air.

This "Hitler" Sounds Awfully Familiar...

That figures. The Republicans won't stop talking about Hitler either. - Mark Snell

Josh: Did you hear that the Nazis liked healthcare reform too? Not sure how they'd feel about a black President, though.

Intentional Error, Or Something Far Funnier?

I think you meant to write Dr. Noah Chomsky, because I have 'literally' never heard of Dr. Chom Nomsky. - Local Douche

Josh: For your sake, I'm going to assume that a) you realized that we were joking, and b) you were also joking in your misspelling of Noam Chomsky's name.

In Other News

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LeBron James Announces Plan To Follow In Jordan's Footsteps, Play For Birmingham Barons Minor League Squad (07/08/10)

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment In Washington Kills Senator Robert Byrd (06/28/10)

The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

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U.S. Identifies Vast Deposits Of Unobtainium In Afghanistan (06/16/10)

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Area Man Definitely Counting That Walk To The Mailbox As Today's Exercise (06/10/10)

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