Letters: September 10, 2006

Only a few letters this week, unless you count those four robots who filled out the form trying to get me to look at their frightening robot websites -- which I don't, because robots don't have souls.

A serious response to a silly letter.

The imminent rapture thing is a somewhat consistent theme throughout the history of the church. However it is only until the past hundred years or so that it has been seen as part of mainstream religious culture. Since the first century there have been a variety of religious groups who heralded the rapidly-approaching rapture and then proceeded to isolate themselves from society to awaits its coming. But with the emergence of fundamentalism as a major religious movement, many Christians adopted the classic "left behind" picture of the end of the world.

However, there are many competing understandings of what the Bible says about the inaugurating of the kingdom of heaven. I would argue that the 'left behind' model is probably the most ridiculous. Unfortuantely the zealots and fundamentalists are usually the loudest [and silliest] voice. What are you gonna do.

Interestingly, it seems that the clearest statement the Bible makes regarding the end of the world is that no one will know when it's going to come. So take that Hal Lindsay. - JZ Burdge

Josh: Sorry, but if I have to choose between a letter like this and Kirk Cameron, I gotta go with Cameron. Were you ever on any TV shows? And follow-up question: on the show, did you have a friend named Boner?

A very hirsute letter.

I have noticed some Family Guy-esque-ness in your writing style. More power to you. Also my feet are getting hairier, is there a cure? - acrossthepond

Josh: I hope it's the good parts of the earlier Family Guy episodes. As for your hairy feet: just shave them, like the time that I shaved the Pope in a purple bathtub at Prince's house. *flashback*

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