Letters: September 24, 2006

We arrrive back from the hiatus to find that all of our readers have changed into pretty butterflies who send us letters that are full of astute commentary and witty insight. No, really!

We don't even like it anymore.

i agree with everything in that story, except the pert about 'just throwing on some black clothes makes you goth.' that's not true. you have to be born into gothicism, or evolve into it. but other than that, eveything was true. and what happened to hot topic? (by the way, that store is owned by the gap company, did you know?)i have a few punk tendencies, but i'm a true goth. and thanks to ryan and eric, the two columbine mother fuckers, the gothic community will NEVER be viewed as quiet, passive, and friendly again.

hint: for those of you so-called goth men out there, eyeliner is NOT for just girls!!! - vaughnjareya

Josh: I think that hell for me would be an eternity of answering nothing but Goth Gary letters, coherent or not. I'm just sick of them. I'm glad he is presumed dead, or at the very least undead.

Getting better (hint: not really).

that fucker "Ant" was on my holy computer before I sent his stupid ass to hell so dont expect to hear from that asshole unless its from hell now listen the article about me "helping bitch buy car" my picture is wrong there should be 3 ks on my fucking head (laughs)

If my racial comments insult you I apoligize to not only you are black people too I am trying not to be racial,now to Josh that was a hilarious pic where baby was sucking on boob everybody in heaven liked even black people thanks for making me laugh! - jesus KKKhrist

Josh: If this would've mentioned Goth Gary that would've been it for me. I would've bought the god damned farm right then and there.

Hitler too mainstream?

I noticed, on trawling through another, marginally more vaunted website than this: youtube, that although that ubiquitous national socialist, A. Hitler himself, receives almost an insulting amount of parody on a regular basis other, less favoured dictators carnifex seem worthy of less mockery. What of Pol Pot, of Mussolini? I turn to you, EV, to remedy this internetal deficiency. - Stillgestandar og yfirvegunnar

Josh: That's a good point. I would think Pol Pot would receive at least some marginal attention based on his hilarious name alone. We'll listen to some Dead Kennedys and get back to you.

A mistake?!

You can't eat a desert...it's just a bunch of sand - Gay Borchert

Josh: We did find the story you're talking about, and it indeed should be "dessert", but unfortunately nobody here can bring themselves to care enough to change it, so it will be incorrect forever. Eventually, enough people will use it that way that it will slowly become the standard and thus correct, like what's happening to poor old "irony".

In Other News

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