Letters: October 15, 2006

We arrrive back from the hiatus to find that all of our readers have changed into pretty butterflies who send us letters that are full of astute commentary and witty insight. No, really!


diddle diddle pom tish pom tish tish diddle dee - jimmy



the only way she got where she is at is by screwing and rummy..... - burn one

Josh: That makes the most sense out of anything I've ever read, ever. And I've read everything in the entire world.

Slavers, hoodlums, and Bin Ladens.

"Holy" warriors nothing but Slavers. That's all they are to me, a brunch of morons and hoodlums, sons of concubines and mistresses, whores the whole lot. Those so-called Muslim "Holy" warriors couldn't beat a hand full of Hebrews, yet they think they can take on Africa and America at the same time. The time is coming for the so- called Jihad Warriors to hold up for what they call themselves, mark my words, the day is coming soon when, mother@)" Bin Laden and all those Moabite mother^%#)( sons bitches are gona get theirs, for _ _ _ king up Africa, the "Middle East" and America. MOTHER*(#$@# , Bin Laden! - Lawrence Kelly

Josh: Yeah, but can't we just send a handful of unbeatable Hebrews into their concubine fortresses and kill them? @#(*!^!@*(!@"

Another letter from a former President.

I want to say that your article about the guy trying to have sex with his ugly wife is disgusting and tasteless. My wife's looks are less than stellar but we manage to have hot sex to this day. OK, we had hot sex in her heyday, but it was better giving it to her from behind even then. Maybe that's an exaggeration, too....in fact having sex with her was better when there's someone else in the room with us...and I'm fucking them. Especially when she's not there. Ha! - Bill Clinton

Josh: Haha, I liked that last part. Then again, look at what I have to compare it to so far.

Cliches...strange ones.

Wish me luck, dear friends, for the next time I read this I will be sitting in my university halls in my pants eating beans out of a tin having got up at 2pm. Thats right, my desire is to become a walking cliche during my first year at university. - acrossthepond

Josh: It's common for college students over there to eat beans out of tins in the afternoon? You guys are out of control!

What the hell.

say, i live in picayune,ms which is on the louisiana border, about 35 minutes from new orleans. i am a 23 yr old white male. My parents live the suburban "white life"i guess you would call it. I chose not too a long time ago. I've stayed in the ghetto in ms, and la. the ghetto just had a bad rep. i love the hood ya heard me. i am gutta gutta. white gold teeth across the top, tats, been to the penitentiary twice, which isn't cool, just givin you my background, I know rich "white"subdivisions where there is drugs sold,I was in prison with preppy white boys, old white men, sk8bdrs, etc, from every which lifestyle possible and every crime possible, murder, rape, robbery, dope charges, etc. i watch on the news about every night about a kidnappin from a "white neighborhood". let me tell you about the ghetto, people there will stick togather more than anyone. that lil boy sounds kinda to soft, its a shame when people talk about the hood or black communities they refer to it as a bad place. I know so many good people from the hood. its not where ya at, its who you are. u just gotta be real to be in da hood. thats hard for a lot of white people, i don't have enough room to go there. thnx, da fiya man(lil beezy)a.k.a (lil beezy)a.k.a (b $moove)ya heard me. - blake martin a.k.a(white chocolate)

Josh: This is either the best, most subtle joke letter ever or someone so dangerously close to self-parody that I don't know how the universe can stand it.

Haha, Ann Coulter.

A marvellously apt search result from amazon; when searching for Ann Coulter, 'Jaws 2' was one of the top search results. - acrossthepond

Josh: Excellent find. And it works on the level of her being a bloodthirsty shark and her being something crappy that no one should care about.

Don't say his name anymore, you'll summon more shitty letters!

i was just surfing and came upon this site and story by Gary?? called "The Real Goth". Firstly just out of curiosity, what was so bad that makes you consider even remotely that you are goth and everyone else are just fakes??? Secondly do you even know what the true meaning of being a goth is??? There are so many different meanings of goth in this world and so many people view the meaning of goth differently, so how do you know which is true??? Have you even researched the definition of GOTH??? I have friends that look way more "GOTHIC" than you do and they aren't even NOT gothic. So please don't try to explain what a real goth is without a definition nor any real explination of what a "real" goth is.... - Shonal

Josh: If I wasn't obligated through my deal with Satan to publish every letter we receive in exchange for being the most popular website ever made, I would totally NOT PRINT THESE ANYMORE.

We're actually surprised there aren't more like this.

I feel sorry for you. You are obviously not as educated as you need to be. I just hope the next black guy you meet onthe street didn't read this article! - Autumn

Josh: Are you insinuating that the average black male lives on the street and is violent? That's pretty racist.

Several bundled sticks.

What a bunch of fags - Jedi Knight

Josh: Well done, lad!

Someone else doubting us stupidly.

You know, I have not seen him ever refer to the earth as "the planet of blue". Most of his predictions (be they true or not) always refer to a specific location. And even if the location is unknown, they never say "Some where". He describes the location as best as he can.

I seriously doubt those are really by Nostradamus.. they just don't seem to fit his style of description and method. - kelpie

Josh: Nope, they're completely real, you're wrong and you owe us $100 for even reading that article.


Wooo we rock and you know itt.

I seriously doubt those are really by Nostradamus.. they just don't seem to fit his style of description and method. - Tyler Harbolt

Josh: Nope, you don't and we don't know it and you owe us $100 for even writing to this website.

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