Letters: October 22, 2006

Will I ever publically flip out about answering Goth Gary letters, or just conceal my rage within myself until one day I destroy everyone close to me? Find out in this week's thrilling edition!

Real pictures, fake stories.

Um, at the risk of becoming one of the idiots who thinks all this stuff is real... that picture of the baby being thrown away looks more (how you say?) photo-ish than photoSHOP-ish; I am scared - acrossthepond

Josh: The author tells me that that is actually a real picture, and it inspired her to write the story. You don't even live here and you're scared!

Goth Gary @ Hot Topic.

I know you would like to never print one again, but... I see a whole line of clothing, makeup, maybe even a Supercuts type chain store for your loyal Goth following... You need to get your lawyer to start the process immediately! Call Mr. Blackwell! Call the Times! - Pete

Josh: If I could somehow parlay the general populace's sick, inappropriate interest in Goth Gary into a money-making endeavor, I'd gladly answer 700 more letters about him. Sadly, I'm beginning to think I really will have to answer 700 more letters about him, only without any money.

The last one, thank our daemon lord.

im a gamer and see many faths as u call them i have never seen a real goth and i doubt that i ever will bcause to me there r no real teenage goth because no teenage had that mch bad in his/her life and if he/she as then it shows the wyk minds of us teen if had a bad day so wat dont start wering black clothing and mom make up just move on - ironmonky

Josh: I'm imagining you using that opening in other conversations in your life. "Well, as a gamer, I feel that I'm best qualified for this college because..."

In Other News

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