Letters: October 27, 2009

Oh snap! It's a letters update! For those unfamiliar with this section, it consists of our answers to letters that readers sent us in the time since our previous letters update. What a magical time to be alive.

The EV: Not A Sensitive Website After All?

I found the tsunami/Polamalu satire was insensitive. I understand the notion of satire but again I do not appreciate the take on the satire and its content. - Val

Josh: Of all the stories to be offended by, you picked that one? I can only assume that you're a scorned wide receiver who was once severely injured by Troy Polamalu.

A Big Misunderstanding.

This is so true! Evil snuggie! - Maria S

Josh: Sorry, Maria, but it's actually not true. You see, The Enduring Vision is a satirical news website. Thanks for writing!

A Big Misunderstanding, Part II: Revenge Of The Sith.

You guys are out of your minds! Funny though, i'm glad to see not every body is taking this so stonefaced serious. I've spent hours searching the web for some good reliable information about the swine flu. Half says you die if you don't get vacinated, and the other half says you'll die if you do. What really pisses me off are people who try to guilt parents into vacinating their children. Why can't they just put out the information and let people make their own descisions. p.s. i would like to know what (if any) quotes from this article are actual. - dusty

Josh: Sorry, dusty, but we're taking the swine flu very seriously. You see, The Enduring Vision is an actual news website. Thanks for writing!

Rush Limbaugh Writes In To Defend His Honor.

You made that up. Rush didn't say he hates things he doesn't understand. You're just repeating stuff the drive by media makes up with no source. Learn how to check your facts man. - Pete

Josh: When you say "drive by media", do you actually mean "liberal media"? I just want to know if I also need to start ignoring people who say "drive by media".

This Letter Is About A Dead RApper. RIP.

This made me laugh out loud!
...ghost of Kanye butting in...
"I'm gonna let you finish your letter to the editor but first I want to say, Tracy Morgan is the funniest satirist of ALL TIME."
Damn, that guy's even more annoying dead.
- Kilroy

Josh: Are Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan the same person? I really only like one of them.

Genius, Or...?

I am so thankful that we have a news network that is dedicated to exposing the socialistic and dictatorial policies of President Obama and the U.S. congress. Obama's control of health reform, fiscal policies, news media, education, national defense, etc. is leading our country to third world status. The Godly principles upon which our nation was founded are being ignored and will lead to our country being a liberal communistic nation, with the rights and liberties of its citizens abolished. We lost so many men who fought against communism to preserve our liberties, and now we are heading to becoming a communistic country. Fox news is one of the very few media sources for truthful and unbiased news. All Americans should be thankful to Fox News who is helping prevent the collaspe of our great nation. Thank you Fox. Please continue to help our country to survive. A concerned U.S. citizen - Joseph A McCray

Josh: This letter contains so many talking points and exaggerations that I've decided it just has to be a joke. Then again, I thought the same thing about those amazingly silly pictures of Obama as the Joker with the word "socialist" inexplicably written underneath him. Then I found out they were in earnest, and I laughed some more, but it was the kind of laughter that if you heard it, you'd be like, "Uh, we might need to take that guy to the hospital soon."

Another Jokester Writes In!

Your satire cannot compare with the humor this truth...LOL If the powers that be in Washington have a problem with FOX, then call Glenn Beck on his red phone or GO ON THE PROGRAMS AND DEBATE THE ISSUES. They refuse to debate with FOX commentators and FOX opinion shows and leave the public to believe they are afraid to answer hard ball questions. If they have a problem with Rush Limbaugh, I am positive he would move thier call to the front of the cue if they would only call. The commentators give a phone number to call and the Washington folks cannot be reached and will not answer the call. - Montana4truth

Josh: I would imagine that debating the issues with Glenn Beck would be somewhat like trying to explain the benefits of single payer healthcare to a marmot who has rabies and cries a lot.

Did They Change The Definition Of 'Outthink'?

It shouldn't be easier to outthink satire this quickly. That makes it poor satire. It doesn't take a "wild conspiracy," it doesn't mean that the most popular team will always win. It just means that when it is close, the NFL pushing refs to side with the one team will make a difference. Certainly it is irefutable that the calls were one-sided and wrong in TWO superbowls, and now today as well vs. the Vikings. - Steve

Josh: So, to summarize the reasoning behind your point:

  1. Sometimes in football games, human referees make poor calls that can contribute to one team's victory
  2. ???

If you haven't been hired somewhere as a detective by now, something is very wrong with this world.

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