Letters: November 19, 2006

Our sixth anniversary has come and gone, but at least we have these letters that have nothing to do with it to remember it by.

I have nothing left to say.

u need help u prob dont even know what real goth music is no it aint slipknot its sisters of mercy - derek

Josh: We're very, very close to completely refusing any future Goth Gary letters. It's enough. If you are planning to write a letter about Goth Gary, you are probably functionally impaired in some way. Stop. Stop it.

The EV is so old, we're getting letters about grandchildren.

**** I have a granddaughter 3yrs old who is a dead ringer for the Olson twins. Looks actions and speech as well. Please contact me for photos if interested. She is an unbelievable look alike . Thank you for time. - Judith Cupp

Josh: Ah, I see you must've seen our "THE ENDURING VISION: A TALENT SEARCH WEBSITE" ads.

Our most frequently-asked question.

Hi Nice Site :) Who are you? - JosdUst

Josh: More important people than you have tried to get the answer to that question...only to meet a fiery demise.

Hiatus discussion.

Should I start sending the 'Goodbye EV we'll miss you' emails now or later? - acrossthepond

Josh: Hey, come on, we just missed Thursday night, and for a very important reason that certainly did not involve me waiting in line for 24 hours for a certain piece of electronics that is known to fetch a high price on certain auction websites. The rest of the week was filled with updating goodness. But seriously, you should send us a goodbye letter every week, and eventually you'll be right.

Hiatus discussion ANNIVERSARY TOO!

I thought that that was quite disterbing. People like you have triggered raceism in the U.S.A. making it seem as though every problem a cacasian man has have is because of his fellow and equal African American man. As you may have assumed I am an African American girl. Yes, I did state girl I am only 12 years old, and at this primative and tender age I am still more mature than a raceist who still believes that he is better than some people. God made us all in his image (both of us). I'm going to pray for you and may God bless you. F.Y.I: i love you hair cut its flipping hott and flyy!! X3 - Ashley

Josh: Thank you for writing. In response to the last part of your letter: sweet, thanks!

In Other News

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The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

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