Band Becomes Popular, Loses Area Man As Fan

Though many of Silverhead's fans are overjoyed at their recent surge in popularity -- due primarily to the runaway success of the single "Kill Everything" -- John Anderson, a local 19 year-old, is not among them.

Unfortunately, says Anderson, the band's popularity is a strong indication that they have "sold out", thus drastically limiting their appeal to him.

"They [the band] used to be cool," he said bitterly, "back when only me and my friend Skorny knew about them. But when I wore my Silverhead shirt to class the other day and someone commented that they were a 'cool band', I knew it was the beginning of the end."

Hearing "Kill Everything" played on the radio -- a manifestation of "evil corporations" -- only confirmed Anderson's fears.

"I couldn't believe it," he said incredulously. "I still can't believe it. Silverhead being played on the radio, something that just tries to control us and take away our right to be free! When I heard the song being played, that was it for me. I knew Silverhead had totally sold out."

According to Anderson, a band qualifies as a sell out when they "become popular and mainstream".

"Now everyone listens to them," he said with disgust. "I got their latest CD before it got big, and I liked it then, but now that they're so popular, I realize that it actually totally sucks. Fucking sell-outs."

But does the band being popular change the music on the CD? In a way, says Anderson, it does.

"Now that they're popular, you just can tell that when they made the CD, they had only one goal in mind: to become stupid mainstream corporate slaves," he stated matter-of-factly. "You can practically see their record label handing them big stacks of money as they recorded their songs."

When asked if any band could become popular while still retaining a noble, likable status, Anderson gave an emphatic no.

"Bands can only be good when they're underground and no-one knows about them. That's when it's all about the music. As soon as more than a few people start to like them and buy their stuff, they're ruined forever."

Anderson even warned other fans of music of the fallacies and misconceptions surrounding the issue of bands becoming popular.

"You might think that just because a band has the same sound but suddenly gets popular that they're still being true to their artistic integrity," he explained. "This is not true at all. It's just a trick done by the soulless big corporations like Microsoft to get you to by their music."

When told that Microsoft had nothing to do with Silverhead's latest release or their surge in popularity, Anderson told our reporter that he was a "fucking liar", and accused him of "accepting corporate handouts".

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