Other Pedophiles Angry At Jackson's 'High-Profile' Treatment

Famous pop star Michael Jackson was arrested last week on suspicions of molesting a young boy, causing a media uproar to partially due to Jackson's fame, as well as a similar charge from over a decade ago that ultimately never made it to trial.

But although such a large emphasis on the case is to be expected, many already-convicted sex offenders are not taking the news very well.

"It really just gets to me how much attention Michael Jackson is getting," complained one offender currently imprisoned in Pennsylvania State Penitentiary. "Wow, he is going to trial for maybe molesting one kid. I was convicted of over 13 cases, and all I got was some page four shit in the paper."

"I was a part of the big high profile priest molestation cases, and I didn't even get the individual recognition that Michael is getting," said another prisoner. "I think the whole situation is just very unfair."

Many pedophiles also expressed dismay that Jackson may be convicted of the charges, thus making him "one of them".

"I'm disgusted to have this guy identified with the rest of us pedophiles," said yet another convicted pedophile, shaking his head. "He's got that melted nose thing, not to mention that he used to be black. Jesus Christ, what a freak."

"I just want to get a message out to the media that Michael Jackson is not representative of all pedophiles," offered the another man from jail. "Most of us don't look all wacky and weird, and we're usually not that fruity, either. That guy is just a whackjob."

Significantly, however, Jackson has not been proven to have actually molested any children, and in the United States court of law, he is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

"There is no guaranteeing that Mr. Jackson is actually a pedophile, of course," admitted one investigator. "That label really depends on what we find at his house, entitled 'Neverland Ranch', where he often has young children sleep over in the same bed as him, located in his room filled with dolls and other various children's toys. So yeah, we don't know for sure yet."

In fact, some of Jackson's more ardent supporters deny that the King of Pop has any wrong-doing to his name, with the exception of perhaps "being too awesome and cool".

"I might not know much about the case or the circumstances of these accusations, but I do know one thing: I like Michael Jackson's music, and that therefore makes him innocent," said one fan.

"Due to his musical achievements over the years, I'd be crazy not to shake his hand," said another woman, speaking of her handshake with Jackson as his SUV drove back from the police station after his formal charges. "He's just not a pedophile."

"My son can visit Neverland Ranch anytime he wants," shouted another fan. "Michael Jackson is a musical legend, which means he is automatically not guilty of any crime he is ever accused of, ever."

"If there's one thing Michael Jackson has, it's credibility," stated a California man. "I believed him when he said he didn't have any plastic surgery, and I believe him now when he says he did not molest any children.

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