Chris Brown Allegedly Assaults, Rapes Richard Simmons

Pictured: a leaked photo of Simmons' battered face.

When he failed to appear on a live infomercial for a new exercise video, initial uncertainty gave way to concern for the safety of worldwide fitness mogul and international sex symbol, Richard Simmons.

After remaining uncharacteristically silent on the matter for several minutes, Simmons now says that he cancelled his appearance on the show because R&B singer Chris Brown assaulted and raped him.

Simmons' publicist confirmed to The Enduring Vision that Simmons sent an explicit text message to Brown right before the Grammys. The message was so sexually explicit that the singer Rihanna, who was also dating Brown at the time, physically attacked Brown in jealousy. Brown luckily escaped her attack by beating her down viciously, breaking her nose and jaw in the process.

Worked up into a rage, Brown turned his assault on Simmons, even though the two have had a relationship in the past, having made a wild sex tape in 2007.

In an exclusive interview, Simmons confirmed that Brown was so enraged and aroused by his text message that he became "like an animal."

"Chris loves to be dirty," said Simmons, whose orbital fossa and zygomatic arch were fractured in the incident. "And when he gets into a rage like that, nothing can stop him. He's seven times stronger than a normal human."

Simmons alleged that after violently beating him with his fists, Brown anally violated him multiple times.

A photo leaked from the Los Angeles Police Department shows Simmons' perianal region, bruised and slightly bloody. The leaked photo immediately led to an internal investigation with the LAPD to determine the source of the photo.

"The unauthorized release of an anal rape photograph immediately generated an internal probe," said a statement from the police department. "The photograph has the appearance of one taken during an official probe into an alleged anal demolishing, which is currently being probed."

Simmons, who has been a source of inspiration to millions of American women, had a similar effect on boyfriend Brown; according to Brown's publicist, the 2007 song 'Gangsta Shorty' was written about Simmons. "Hey shorty you're the one / Nice lips thick hips / Put me on / Too tough come on girl / Break me off / I can't see you wit nobody else / Nobody's like your Chris (noo)."

Brown, who was originally arrested on suspicion of criminal sodomy, was released from jail after posting $1,000,000,000,000 bail. He offered a statement on Monday that renounced his homosexuality, but did not overtly apologize for sodomizing Simmons.

"I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones, and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a less gay person," he said.

As for Rihanna, she will be charged with attempted murder. Her trial is slated to begin in April.

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