Weekend Punctuated With Shower, Observation Of Cats

Area man Michael Karn closed out his weekend this evening with a leisurely shower, capping off a full 55 hours (28 awake) of activities ranging from viewing several videos on YouTube to organizing outstanding bills into a neat pile.

In an exclusive interview, the 28 year-old video store clerk recounted his various accomplishments this weekend, some of which he described as "pretty significant".

"Well, of course, there was the exchanging of the empty cardboard toilet paper roll for a fresh new roll of paper," he said. "That one was a long time coming. Also on the personal hygiene front, I got a shower this evening, which is just smart planning, because I'm anticipating not feeling like getting one again until Wednesday at least."

A self-described "animal behavior watcher and enthusiast", Karn also dedicated at least two hours on Saturday to watching his two cats play and battle back and forth across his apartment.

"At first, it was kind of procrastination on my part, since I knew I had all those bills waiting for me to stack," he admitted, "but I also realized that knowing how my cats interact with each other could be useful in some kind of eventual career as a cat behavior scientist, or even if I'm on Jeopardy some day, and the answer is, 'Cats sometimes do this when fighting with each other.' The question, of course, is 'What is growling?' That'd probably be a $200 question or so."

Put into a working mood, Karn chose to skip lunch to focus on watching over 15 anime music videos -- or AMVs -- on YouTube. The AMVs, which are user-made videos of anime clips pieced together as the background to a usually-stupid song, are an art form that Karn is heavily immersed in.

"See, this one's not even good," he said with disdain as he showed our reporter an example on his laptop. "Those clips don't even have anything to do with the song, thematically. Look -- look at that. That's not even right."

Karn then excused himself for a few minutes to write a negative comment on the user's video.

Although the weekend was a productive one for him, Karn was still not able to accomplish everything he wanted to, including correcting an erroneous Wikipedia entry and alphabetizing his DVD collection. He hopes to accomplish these and other tasks at work this week.

"Well, I can't actually organize my DVDs from work, but I can use a program I found online to list all of the DVDs I have, and then see a virtual shelf with all of my movies grouped alphabetically," he said. "They'll at least be organized virtually, so I'll be halfway there."

Karn's only regret? With a wry smile, he says that it's simply that he can't be paid for all of the work he's done recently.

"I'm really hurting for cash right now, so it's too bad I can't earn money somehow for completing all of these tasks," he said. "Although, those recession tax relief checks should be coming in a few months, so that'll be good. Hopefully that'll speed up the economy and get things moving again."

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