Miss USA Contestant Earns Praise For Bravely Admitting Stupid Views

Pictured: seriously, WTF?

Although her baffling, idiotic answer to a judge's question may have cost her the crown, Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean is being called gutsy by many supporters, who say it takes a lot of fortitude to face the nation and openly implicate oneself as having ridiculous ideas.

"You know what? Good for her," said one fan from California. "Only a very special person could get up in front of millions of people to say such terrible stuff. That is so inspiring to me."

Unlike many pageant contestants who only unwittingly reveal their idiocy, Prejean embraced her limited capacity to reason, even appearing on the "Today" show two days later to reaffirm that yes, she is that dumb.

"I'm proud of what I said," she told the cameraman, before being informed that he was not the host of the Today show. "I know God is proud of me, too, because He has not yet killed me."

"That's so amazing," said the cameraman, affectionately rubbing Prejean's chest. "It's just so refreshing to hear you say the kinds of things that are insane."

Across the nation, many agreed.

"If only I had the courage to say what I really thought," said Norma Paulson, a 36 year-old office manager in Utah, with admiration. "Maybe someday, I won't be so afraid of being fired and earning the scorn and contempt of everyone around me."

"For those of you who are trying to SILENCE this beautiful woman: uhhh, it's called the First Amendment," commented someone from the internet. "I don't know, maybe you could read about it some time? YOU IDIOT."

Later, the commenter edited his post to also read, "P.S. -- I'd hit it."

Another supporter, Patrick Loman from Cincinnati, Ohio, explained that "some people who are haters are just hating. The rest of us realize that Ms. Prejean, as she said, is just being true to how she was raised. Once you are raised to believe something, you are powerless to stop it."

Many of the haters Loman warned about are concerned not so much with what Prejean said, but rather the fact that she did not hide her terrible views from the judges. In a poll taken instantaneously after the event happened, 36% of respondents said that Prejean should have tailored her response based on a combination of what she thought the judges might like to hear and a quick look on Wikipedia with her iPhone.

In a society that's filled with information (i.e., random opinions from people like you), says prominent sociologist Richard Salts, actions like Prejean's are going to become more and more difficult to defend, even as some welcome her honest, brain-numbing voice.

"It's not about what's right and wrong: it's about what you know will increase your reputation points online, which is what's right as defined by the majority," he explained. "For example, I spent five hours on blogs preparing for this interview, and as a result, I'm pretty sure that I'm answering this in a way that will make my Twitter followers happy."

"Consequently, the world is shielded from my actual thoughts, which are that I wish I could marry my boyfriend and smoke pot without breaking the law."

Image credit: Flickr

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