Jackson Defender Is A Pedophile Himself, Say Suspicious Coworkers

Michael Jackson, having been found innocent of all charges against him in the child molestation trial, has no shortage of supporters. From the periphery of the Santa Barbara courthouse where the pop star was tried to homes of fans everywhere, Jackson supporters could be found almost everywhere, including Deltronic Systems Inc., where during a lunchtime conversation, software programmer Paul Buxton, 36, came to Jackson's defense, alarming many co-workers.

Almost unanimous in their assessment of Jackson's criminal involvement with minors, employees of the computer programming company remain ambivalent as to the implications of Buxton's defense of the multi-million seller. Debate over Buxton's status as sex-offender or total dweeb rages within the office.

"I could understand if it was [secretary] Jenny who came to Jacko's defense," said Dean Hanson, Deltronic vice-president, 46, "or even Pedro the janitor, who doesn't know much about American culture and has already bought tickets for Menudo's big comeback. But when Paul was like, 'I knew that it was all a hoax', then it becomes pretty clear that he's either hiding something or is just completely sad and blind to the way the justice system works."

Hanson then entered CEO Gary Tharp's office to discuss the future of Buxton's employment with the firm.

Other employees have expressed similar concern over the pederastic nature and of their co-worker. That, or his gullibility.

"He was going on and on about how that it was totally the mother being a liar, a cheater and a manipulator and shit," spoke summer intern Bill Riche. "That sounds to me like he's just preparing his own defense for when some irate parent accuses him of buggery, which I'm sure he's guilty of, and probably while listening to 'Billie Jean'."

Despite constant surveillance and suspicion, Buxton remains suspiciously adamant about his confidence in the singer's innocence. His refusal to give in and admit that Jacko fucks boys has garnered him a lot of enemies, but still he shows no signs of giving in, even when employees began to forge links between his strange appearance and ostensible preference for pedophilia.

"I always knew that crooked nose of his meant he was up to something," said Billie Parker, a co-worker. "I always had him figured for an auto-erotic asphixiator, though, or maybe a racist."

Even indirect threats on his life have not compelled Buxton to back down from his support of Jackson or abandon his plans to abduct and abuse nine year-old boys.

"I hope he dies," said a stockroom worker matter-of-factly. "I'm sorry, but someone this weird just shouldn't be allowed to live."

While none of the employees of Deltronic claim to have contacted the authorities, many have begun to discuss ways to alert Buxton's family and the authorities without overstepping their bounds. Some have alerted other friends and neighbors in order to maintain a constant watch on the strange, Jackson-supporting behavior of Buxton, who is sure to strike an unsuspecting altar boy at any moment.

"Dangerous-looking guy with a crooked nose...all right, I'll watch out for him," said a neighbor of Parker's, speaking on the phone with her. "I'll add him to the list, right next to black people."

And though police haven't been directly alerted, they are concentrating recent patrol efforts on those like Buxton.

"We have patrols on the lookout for anyone listening to or buying [Michael Jackson] albums 'Dangerous', 'Invincible', 'HIStory' and others that post-date 'Bad'," said Chief of Police Burt Thompson. "Anyone caught agreeing with the jury's decision will be immediately suspected of illicit involvement with minors and will be subsequently watched closely like boys in the changing room at Neverland Ranch."

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