Woman Quits Job Over 70 Times On Her Blog

Pictured: the ex-employee (online).

Sheila Pontz, 31 year-old web designer at the "company I will not name (out of respect for them, not fear)", recently quit her job for the 72nd time via her MySpace page, resigning in disgust after five years of service, four of which were worked under blog quitting conditions.

"This is the last fucking straw," Pontz, under the guise of "pissedchick21", wrote in anger. "I fucking quit this place so hard."

At issue is the company's recent decision to dock employee pay for being late back from their lunch breaks. Pontz, online, strongly disagrees with the policy.

"When I heard about the new rule, I practically said out loud, 'I cannot believe you are fucking doing this,'" she wrote. "I almost did say it, in fact, but I had lots of work to do...of course!"

In addition, Pontz has been reprimanded for being up to five minutes late on a few other occasions, something else that drew her cyberspace ire.

"I'm telling you, I put up with this kind of bullshit in the past, but I'm really just sticking up for myself this time," she typed. "Sometimes you just have to know when to say enough is enough, and pack up and move on."

The miffed designer has virtually quit so many times, many close to her wonder if she will ever stop.

"I heard that the average person changes jobs five times during their career, but this is getting a little excessive," said one worried online friend joebear2000. "I mean, I guess it's technically not changing since she's always at the same place, but still -- all this quitting can't look good on her resume."

"Sheila, the job market isn't that easy these days -- stick with what you have!" pleaded another friend, CrackHead9. He and Pontz argued heatedly online for several minutes, before Pontz abruptly left to get some sleep due to having work the next morning.

The situation has gotten so bad, says Pontz, that she has joined an online community dedicated to helping support its members through their times of mental unemployment.

"We're a tough group of people here, and I know that because each one of us has refused to be a victim of unfair policies," said messageboard moderator FightForFreedom. "My job has me working 16 hour days at a salary that's incredibly low for my position, but to date, I have posted about every detail online, and I intend to keep doing so."

"Look at this Photoshop I made of my boss -- that glove is my fist, and those words are all the things I would say to him!" exclaimed member workaholicsteve in one topic, drawing rounds of praise and admiration from fellow posters.

"I wish I had his courage," said Pontz on her journal of the maverick workaholicsteve. "But until I do, all I can do is quit."

Pontz's coworkers didn't have any comments on her repeated resignations, though they did offer her some advice on a different matter.

"Sheila? Yeah, she's too much of a kiss-ass," said one fellow employee. "Other than that, though, she's a great girl, and we're good friends, I'm pretty sure."

Mr. Penezzi, Pontz's boss who insisted that we address him as "Mr." without the use of his first name, seemed unaware of his employee's angry webpage.

"If you see Sheila, tell her I want her to come in on Saturday this weekend," he said. "I know I can count on her."

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