Many Undecided Voters Perplexed That Election Is Over Already

With polls already closing in 9 states as of 7:30 PM EST, a new survey of undecided voters by CNN/Gallup reveals that a large percentage of undecided voters living in those states were surprised to hear that they had missed the opportunity to vote.

" mean, that's it?" asked one North Carolina undecided voter, confused. "Whoa. I seriously thought I had, like, three more months, at least."

The undecided voters have been at the forefront of the election for months now, as the close nature of the race means that undecideds will be extremely important in determining the winner. But few analysts anticipated that these unsure people would remain uncommitted through the actual election.

"I thought that most of the undecided voters would eventually, you know, decide," said John Couter, an analyst at Gallup. "This is certainly a surprising turn of events."

But why the failure of many of these voters to make up their minds? Some attributed their absence at the polls today to uncertainty over the actual election date.

"If somebody would've told me that the election was today already, I might've tried a little harder to come to a decision," said Tim Rolands, an undecided from Vermont. "Instead, I get off from a hard day at work, where everyone was blabbering on and on about whatever shit they talk about, I get home after a long drive through unusually thick traffic, I turn on the TV, and I see CNN talking about my state being closed already. Wow, thanks for telling me, U.S. government."

"Don't we have elections every four years?" said Tina Samson, another undecided from Vermont. "And the last one was in 2000, so that means...oh. Oh, yeah."

Others complain that in the end, they just weren't given enough information about the candidates to make an informed decision.

"I still just don't know what John Kerry stands for," said Donald Karl, a Georgia resident, shaking his head in dismay. "I see him talking, and he says he's got a plan, and he tells me how he's going to implement that plan, but the question I always come away with is, 'What the hell is this guy's plan?'"

"I don't even know what President Bush's first name is," added Karl's neighbor, a fellow undecided. "That's something I feel should've been addressed at the debates."

Almost all of the undecided voters did express regret that they missed the opportunity to vote.

"It's too bad -- I really could've made a difference," said Karl. "After all, Georgia really could've gone either way."

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