Bush Vows That Monday's State Of The Union Address Will Not Be His Last

President Bush, expectedly steadfast in his assessment of the war in Iraq, the economic stimulus package he has proposed, and the prosperity of America, went a step further on Monday, January 28th, and swore to the American public that the day's State of the Union address would not be his last.

Always resolute, Bush made clear that he had no intention of seeing his opponents have the last word.

"As I stand here right now, I promise the American people that I will continue to defend their best interests, both at home and abroad, and that means that I will be standing here again this time next year," said the 43rd President, invoking the unprecedented third term that Franklin Delano Roosevelt won in 1940 -- the same that Bill Clinton is currently vying for.

Along with continuing to fight the War on Terror, bolstering America's global competitiveness and spreading Democracy worldwide by any means necessary, Bush vowed to stay and keep America "safe from her enemies -- as only I can".

Though the 22nd Amendment explicitly prohibits a President from running for office more than twice, and each time allotting him a four-year term, Bush's ambiguous promise made regard neither to legislation nor constitutionality, but, "for the good of Americans and nations everywhere", he said.

Though he did not overtly promise to remain President until the next State of the Union speech, Bush did swear that he – not some other rube – would be delivering the next assessment of the Union's prospects to the nation.

"The President never said that he would be making another State of the Union address as President," said White House press secretary Dana Perino, "he just said that he would appear before the American people to inform them of some great, wonderful news, or perhaps a terrible calamity. Either way, this isn't the last you will see our President on national television."

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