Mainstream Tech Article 'Fraught With Errors', Say Enraged Nerds

An article published yesterday in the Technology section of the Philadelphia Inquirer is a "hopeless mess" of errors, according to many vocal members of the nerd community.

The article, which attempts to detail the rising popularity of "gaming PCs" -- expensive computers designed especially for running today's high-specced computer games that many conventional computers would not be able to play -- contains so many errors that it's "practically useless", says prominent nerd "Nixxron45" of a popular Internet technology forum on website "Beyond3D".

"I mean, if somebody really wanted to get into PC gaming, they would just end up getting a completely inferior machine if they went by the shit in that article," he scoffed. "They try to compare the latest gen[eration] NVIDIA and ATi cards and then say that they're 'more or less the same'? Jesus Christ, you might as well say that an adding machine is as good as my new laptop that has two gigs of RAM and a Sapphire Radeon X800 PRO 256MB card."

"And it's 'NVIDIA', not 'Nvidia', you assholes," he added, posting a "rolleyes" smiley face icon. "Christ."

The forum-goers say the article also deserves marks against it for only mentioning the Linux operating system as an "interesting, customizable alternative" to Microsoft's Windows platform.

"You can tailor the Linux platform to your own needs, write your own god damned instructions for it, and optimize it to run apps a hell of a lot more efficiently than Windows and they call it interesting?" he said. "How awfully nice of them! Oh, and how's that new house that Bill Gates bought you, assholes?"

Due to those and several more errors -- such as listing the abbreviation for "megabytes" as "Mbyte" rather than the more traditional "MB" and asserting that Tomb Raider is a popular franchise ("Hey, you're only about five years late on that one!" Nixxron sneered) -- many nerds have been severely angered, causing several deaths in the past few hours from hyperventilation.

"They can't get away with this shit," said another forum member. "That's it -- I'm emailing them."

Hundreds of other nerds quickly decided to follow suit, resulting in a "mild irritation" for the article's author Mike Tannen.

"Oh, hey," he said with faint surprise as he opened his email. "I guess I must've made a few mistakes. Cripes."

He then had to spend "at least ten seconds" deleting the excess emails, something many of the tech community consider a "huge victory".

"Maybe that'll cause him to think twice before he doesn't even mention vertex shaders in an article about gaming PCs," said Nixxron savagely. "Bitch."

Next on the forum's hit list: an article that fails to mention some of the advantages Blu-ray technology holds over competing HD-DVD standard.

"It's not easy to constantly monitor the Internet for this type of stuff while at work, but if people like us didn't watch out for everyone, they'd all be using PCs that can't even run FarCry or Doom 3," Nixxron explained. "And then where would we all be?"

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