Area Woman Wants New Tattoo Noticed

Local woman Gena Viski's desire to have friends and coworkers notice her tattoo, acquired this past Saturday, is "painfully obvious", according to many members of both of the aforementioned groups.

The first complaint known to be lodged against Viski comes from coworker Taryn Gotshall, who says Viski approached her at the copier machine "out of nowhere" to attempt to bring attention to her tattoo.

"I don't mind Gena and we get along in the office okay, so I thought she was just coming by to say hello," Gotshall said. "After we exchanged pleasantries, I made some kind of token remark about the copier not working, and she responded by saying, 'Yeah, I also got a tattoo this past weekend.' What the hell?"

According to Gotshall, Viski's approach was nonsensical, and demonstrated her "obvious over-eagerness" to talk about her tattoo.

"I wasn't even talking about the weekend," she said, disgusted. "I said that the god damn copying machine wasn't working. Clearly the woman had no interest in me or what I was saying, and just wanted to show off her tattoo."

Furthermore, Gotshall said, Viski failed to recognize signs of disinterest in her tattoo, and continued to inappropriately press the matter.

"I was annoyed at her approach -- and I wouldn't have even given much of damn anyway, to tell you the truth -- so I kind of just nodded and went back to copying, and neither of us said anything more," she explained. "But about about ten seconds later, Viski said, 'Yup, it really hurt, but it was worth it.'"

"Did I ask her if it hurt?" she said incredulously. "Did I ask her if it was worth it? Jesus Christ, the woman might as well just talk to herself, since she's making up everything I say anyway."

Other coworkers vouch for Gotshall's complaints, such as Jonathan Thorpe, whose cubicle is located near Viski's.

"A couple of us were just sitting around, talking about an episode of 'Boston Public' we watched the other night, when Gena pulls up her sleeve all of a sudden and says, 'Boy, my arm really is itchy. I guess it's from the tattoo I got this weekend."

"Now, correct me if I'm wrong," Thorpe said sardonically, "but I don't think that was part of Boston Public."

Lloyd Sivick, another worker in proximity to Viski around the office, added that she was not only showing the tattoo around unnecessarily, but implying that it should be an object of respect, as well.

"I overheard her saying to some guy, 'Well, I guess I could go to that tough-looking bar, now that I have my tattoo,'" he told us. "Yup, your tattoo sure does make you tough, Gena. Maybe you can also carry around a switchblade and date a guy named Snake."

Even Carrie Teller, a friend of Viski's, admitted that perhaps she was taking the tattoo a "little too far".

"Every time I talk to her, she somehow relates what we're talking about to her tattoo," Teller complained. "I tried talking to her about the war, and she asked me if her next tattoo should be of an American flag. I love the girl, but holy fuck if I didn't want to strangle her right then."

The Enduring Vision attempted to confront Viski about her friends' and coworkers' complaints, but our attempts were thwarted by Viski repeatedly asking us if we wanted to see her tattoo.

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