Area Man Surprised To Find Self Expressing Wife's Opinion To Friends

Area resident Brian Davis was reportedly surprised and "a little disturbed" to find himself expressing his wife's opinion while talking with a group of his friends over drinks at Rudy's Bar & Grille on Saturday.

"I'm just not sure what the hell I was thinking," said Davis, 29, who voiced his spouse's opinion around 9:45 pm Saturday while he and his friends were playing pool at the popular local nightspot. "I guess I just felt like I should contribute something to the conversation, but unfortunately, the only opinion I had was my wife's."

According to Davis, he and his friends were discussing the rookie season of Cleveland Cavaliers standout LeBron James when the conversation turned to the upcoming trial of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

"[Charlie] Hoffman was saying how he thought that Kobe would, and should, get off because the case was totally built on the testimony of this one crazy skank," said Davis. "All of a sudden, I found myself telling him that everyone just assumes that the girl's lying because Kobe's so famous and she's ‘just some poor girl.' I couldn't believe it."

Added Davis: "I think I might have even mentioned something about our whole judicial system being patriarchal."

Though Davis's friends reacted to his comments by avoiding eye contact with him and awkwardly changing the subject, they were hardly surprised to hear him speaking his wife's mind.

"This isn't the first time this has happened," said Paul Shriver, who has been friends with Davis since childhood. "A couple of weeks ago, I was telling Brian about the time I got stoned off my ass and took my Mom's SUV off-roading. It was a funny story, but the whole time I was telling it, Brian was all straight-faced and shit. Then, he gave me this speech about how things like that are so much more dangerous when drugs are involved. I mean, I could almost see Sheila pulling the puppet strings above his head."

Shriver added, "He sure didn't seem to have a problem with drugs when he was doing lines off of that chick's ass at [Rick] Feldman's bachelor party."

According to Davis, his occasional expression of his wife's opinion is simply the result of the frequency with which he hears it, not necessarily due to the strength or validity of her arguments. In fact, Davis estimates that he disagrees with at least two-thirds of his wife's opinions.

"Whenever Sheila's going on and on about something, I'm always like ‘Yeah, you're right honey. I couldn't agree with you more,'" said Davis. "But that doesn't mean I actually agree with what she's saying."

After a short pause, Davis added, "Oh God, it doesn't, does it?"

But whether or not Davis agrees with his wife's views has not seemed to have any bearing on whether or not he expresses them to others. Davis estimates that of the times he has found himself expressing his wife's opinion, the majority has been about an issue in which he has "little or no interest at all."

The fact that the Kobe Bryant trial fits into this category makes Davis's passionate take on the matter all the more confusing to him.

"I don't usually speak about something unless I feel pretty strongly about it," Davis said. "To be honest, I don't even see why everyone is so interested in the trial of some athlete that, more likely than not, raped some woman."

Sources indicate that the trial of Kobe Bryant is just the latest in a string of issues about which Davis has found himself giving someone his wife's two cents. He has also inexplicably expressed her opinions on breastfeeding in public, ageism, and African women's rights.

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