Area Punk-Styled Girl Wishes She Wouldn't Be Judged As Punk-Styled Girl

Quakertown, PA resident Christina Sorowitz has all the trappings of a young lady deeply interested in the punk scene of music: multiple body piercings, a wardrobe consisting of mismatched, offbeat clothing, and a slightly irritated, belligerent attitude towards much of the world.

But although there's a lot that may bother her -- such as "posers" and "society" -- there's one thing that gets under her skin the most: people recognizing her intentionally-structured image and commenting on it.

"I can't stand people who judge me," she said in a press conference today. "It's like, yes, I'm dressed like this to make people look at me and think a certain way about me. But that doesn't mean they should!"

Sorowitz says there have been countless times where her outfit and style have been commented on, including one recent time at the mall.

"I was hanging out in Hot Topic, which is a much better store than all of the rest of those trendy hot spots in the mall, when all of a sudden I got to talking to a guy who was shopping next to me," she said. "It was going okay, when all of a sudden he said, 'So, I guess you like punk music, right?' And I was just like, 'How the fuck would you know, asshole?'"

"I do like it," she said, "but he was supposed to find that out when I casually mentioned it, not by judging me like an asshole!"

Sorowitz says that the problem, like most things, can be blamed on the "structure of society".

"It's like, we have these ideas about what people are supposed to look like," she said, "and so when they do look like that, we think that...they do, but even if they do, they don't want...I mean, so they look like that, but then we look like a certain way, but differently, but the same as them, only not."

Sorowitz then stared at us blankly for a few moments and then suddenly screamed the chorus of Good Charlotte's "The Anthem" at us.

When asked for his own version of the events that transpired in the Hot Topic between Sorowitz and the young man she was talking to, the clerk who was working the desk at the time seemed ignorant on the topic.

"I don't know, I didn't really see anything," he said. "I don't know much about this store, I'm just covering a few shifts for someone. I normally work at The Gap, but they trade workers off with Hot Topic sometimes because they are both owned by the same corporation."

Not true, says Sorowitz, who told us that such information is due to "media propaganda".

"It just comes from, you know, the nightly news, and Peter Jennings, and President Bush NO WAR IN IRAQ LET'S HAVE PEACE YOU FACISTS!" she shouted. "Topple the wall and kill Hitler!"

But The Gap and world politics aside, perhaps all Sorowitz is searching for is someone to relate to -- a companion who would know what she was about without having to say anything.

But according to Sorowitz, such a person is "impossible" to find amongst all the "preppies and jocks" out there.

"People like me really are one of a kind," she said wistfully, shaking her head. "In fact, it's kind of weird that a big chain store like Hot Topic can stay in business, seeing as how everyone is all the same and they shop at Old Navy all the time."

"I guess it's just because some companies aren't all about money all the time," she said scornfully, throwing a disdainful look at a Clothe The Homeless donation box set up nearby.

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