Letters: February 16, 2009

A new letters update?! The only explanation is that we must have forgotten how truly nonsensical some of your letters can be. Let's see if any of the following remind us!

This is the first we've heard about this.

hey like i fully agree with you, some of these "goths" these days wouldnt know goth if it came out of their behind....like the goths at my school absolutely hate me...because im true and their just thinking their all the same, because im different they dont like me, they are full idiots and they insult me by how much of a stereotype they really are, i rekon more people would like us, if they knew the real us.....like fook how hard is it.... - cassie

Josh: A letter responding to Goth Gary? Who would've thought that would be the first letter I'd answer in almost a year! NOT ME.

Some love for 2009.

That was beautiful. - Nicolas

Josh: "Beautiful" is not an adjective we'd expect to hear in regards to a Frank Patriot editorial, but thank you kindly!

Can staff members' significant others write in? Find out!

In regards to your response from a letter: "There's no way any of our editorialsists are mere stereotypes"...I definitely laughed out loud in my very quiet office, thus prompting about five people to ask me what was so funny. Love you! (the site, that is) - Katie

Josh: Wait, people read this site AT WORK?! I never considered the fact that we were hurting America. You've given me a lot to think about, Katie, which is why I love you (your letter, that is).

A rare occasion where we're actually helpful!

If there were an official Obama bobblehead, I would certainly purchase one. In fact, I would want to purchase the very first one. Keep me posted. - B. Friberg

Josh: Good news: there totally is!

Andrew Sullivan wants to write for us (probably).

Do you accept submissions? If so, what are your guidelines? - Spencer Green

Josh: Sorry, we steal most of our content from CNN. Try getting a job with them, then letting us know when they publish your stories.

After all, we're only hu-man.

The terrorist manifesto kind of spun out of control at the end, eh? Also, you forgot the picture showing George Bush calling again before we both said "Here we go again!!!" - Kraded

Josh: I could never forget anything, unless I'm forgetting to not fire you for telling me I've forgotten something!



Josh: This came through as an EV Friend Request form, and is widely considered by me to be one of the funniest things I've read in recent memory.

Our technical trickery exposed!

Great site, guys. Very funny and i particularly like the layout. Which web publishing software do you use? - Josh Kossack

Josh: Aside from a pre-baked widget here and there, The EV is a 100% custom-built steam-powered website. We tried to use web publishing software, but it, like, couldn't even handle our advanced...shit.

In Other News

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