Letters: March 2, 2009

Some people didn't like some of our stories this week, which shocked us. Fortunately, other people did like other stories, which aroused us! If that didn't make you feel awkward, keep reading for this week's edition of your letters!

Brace Yourself.

This is so STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - TraTra Girl

Josh: That's funny, considering it's the SMARTEST THING I'VE EVER READ.

Short, But Coherent!

this isn't funny. - rachel

Josh: We did that on purpose, so that you can better appreciate the funny ones. You're welcome!

We Were Waiting For One Like This.


Josh: I think the better question is, how dare we not say that? You're welcome!

Some Love (?)

Now I believe this!!! HAHAHA! God, Richard, you should have let me raped you!!! - Ruscha

Josh: Uh, yeah! Oh God, what have we done...

Setting The Facts Straight.

The statement he sent out didn't say "and to imerge a less gay person" it said "and to imerge a BETTER person" and correct me if im wrong but he didnt send out two statements that were identical except for the one word in between "a" and "person". - Ella

Josh: Allow me to correct you: Chris Brown did not send out any statements with the word "imerge" in them.

Is This Really Necessary?

ur crazy lol - mo

Josh: no u


I think that you are a BIG fatt lier,chris brown wouldnt do something like that,he's a sweetheart,this is rediculous like,he's not like that,did You not see him on Tyra banks,he doesn't like domestic violence because of he's mother,like its rediculous,and he wouldn't rape someone like you,he could get WAY BETTER then you!,Im SOO angry at this statement its SO NOT TRUE LIKE. - Patricia

Josh: Wait, he said that on Tyra? How could we have been so wrong?


chris brown aint do anything - elijah

Josh: I don't know Chris Brown, but I'm willing to bet he doesn't really need supporters like this.

Something Other Than Chris Brown!

I think, the Indian should thank British who help them reach Oscar, they could have never done alone. They tried before but failed. Regarding attitude, it started to change when their economy took off. Let see how long this will last. - khalid

Josh: The Enduring Vision is a satirical website!

See Reply Above.

wat crap have u reported here!!..none of it is true nor has any govt official declared a holiday etc.... - lucky

Josh: What's your source on that, lucky? We are a serious news organization, regardless of what you've heard.

You Had Us At "Messed Up".

that is really messed up i cant beleive he would do this to a guy i hope this dint mean hes bi! he probally couldnt get any from rihanna so he settled for a dude - Name

Josh: I like your theory! Please contact us to discuss your royalties.


hi.......may i know if the story you wrote about casper who is the murderer was really true.... waiting to your reply..... coz i am againts of it.... - Myra Dela Cruz

Josh: This letter is amazing to us, because 1) it has to do with a story that's not even moved over to the new site format, and 2) it came personally addressed to an email address of mine that is not public, and was nowhere on the story. I guess what I'm trying to say is, YES, THIS STORY ABOUT CASPER THE GHOST MURDERING A FAMILY IS TRUE.

Last One, And It Isn't Crazy!

...speaking of "wiggidy-whack", steele looks exactly like HUMPTY from the "humpty-dance" - ucanthandlethetruth

Josh: I have no idea what that is, but it sounds hilarious!

In Other News

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