Letters: July 16, 2009

Our long-delinquent letters section returns after a month with its best update yet! That may or may not be true. I'm pretty drunk right now. If you want to enjoy this, I suggest you follow my lead before reading!

Let's Start With A Good One: Advice On Buying An iPhone!

Whats the difference between the real apple iphone and this fake one pictured below http://321ce99b.thesegalleries.com

Can they do everything an iphone can? or are they just rubbish.. anyone know? - ChadWick

Josh: Well, that appears to be an aPhone, and if I know anything about letter grades, an A is a hell of a lot better than an I. Go for it!

Remember Swine Flu? Neither Do We!

will we all die from swine flu? - leighanne

Josh: Wow, we should really update this more often. Since this letter was sent, we now know that swine flu killed us all.

Also: Swine Flu Is Bullcrap.

This article's bullcrap, you will not die of Swine Flu, most likely. - Protoghost

Josh: Well, if it's not that, it'll be something else, so we're pretty much right.

Wait, Michael Jackson Died For Real?

Hey man, too soon!!! Toooooo soooooooon!!!!!! Those are the sorts of messages you're gonna get quite alot of. But personally I thought that was hilarious (The post, not the death of MJ or Farrah Fawcett ofc.) um.. RIP MJ, I guess. - gp studios

Josh: Glad you liked the article, though personally, I'm more saddened by Martin Jackson's death. That man knew how to entertain, depending on your definition of entertainment.

The EV: A Repository For Stupid Forgotten Comments.

i typed in my name and found this. where'd you find that comment? i don't remember where it came from, bviously some article i read on "how to be goth". hmm. my comment is featured on a website. so are some of my videos. woo-hoo!!! - vaughnjareya

Josh: Considering how hard it is to get something on the internet these days, that's quite an achievement!

Stereotypes Are Our Specialty!

Pretty comedic. Managed to nail most of the stereotypes. Single gear bikes really are out now. It's all about the fixed-gear, or "fixies" as they are affectionately known. - Dan

Josh: Oh my God, my bike has like eight gears! Hang on, I'm going out there right now with some tools. You never read this.

Everybody Gets It (Eventually).

Maybe I'm just not intelligent enough to understand your masterful satire and poignant take on the internet, but your piece here just seems really... I don't know, gay? I'm not even really sure what you're trying to do here. Is this a movie review? It seems like you haven't seen this movie. Are trying to say that you don't need to see it because the idea for it is stupid? Are you trying to say that you hate the internet? This "review" really couldn't be less funny or informative.

[3 hours later]

wait sorry i get it now - Henry

Josh: The dichotomy of these comments, combined with the amount of elapsed time in between, really made me chuckle, so thanks, Henry!

In Other News

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The Enduring Vision: A Documentary In Two Parts (06/21/10)

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