Letters: July 27, 2009

Wait a second: a new letters update less than a month after the previous one? Are we getting less lazy, or are people finally sending us letters that don't consist of poor spelling and racial epithets? Find out below!

The Gubment Made Me Sick!

Creating An Insurance Monopoly: A government-run plan similar to Medicare would be set up in competition with private insurance, with people able to choose either private insurance or the taxpayer-subsidized public plan. Subsidies and cost-shifting would encourage Americans to shift to the government plan. For more on this story, please read the complete article titled "Reagan Refutes The ObamaCare Hypothesis" posted on [sorry, no free linky for you! - Ed] - cliffyworld

Josh: I think the real news here is that Ronald Reagan is back from the dead! Although I would think Zombie Gipper would be on Obama's side -- he seemed to enjoy raising the national debt in life almost as much as eating people's brains in death.

Oh Dear.

"borat is so 2006", does this not give it away that borat was only 3 years ago, not 15. did u really not know it was borat and ali G? oh dear oh dear - ss

Josh: What the hell is an ali G? If he was so popular, why doesn't he have his own movie like Borat and Bruno do? Grow up.

Quick, What's Google's Website?

i didnt like the story so plz remove from google - sakina

Josh: I wish Google really did work like that. I'd get like 99% of the internet removed from it forever. Including The Enduring Vision. I hate that site.

Okay, Shut Up -- Wait, It's Some Love!

I love this site. Particularly the Letters section, which solidifies my total lack of faith in humanity. Do you guys make a living off this site? If so, I'm deeply jealous. - Jim

Josh: Many thanks, Jim! Unfortunately, our repeated invitations to Rupert Murdoch to buy us out have been ignored, so for now, we don't get paid for being so awesome. If you would like to buy us out, please write back.

Sweet Zombie Obama, Two In A Row!

Hi! I love the site! And, I would tell others about it, but you know how people can be about such things.."You built a symbolic temple, brick by brick, with classical nude women and fountains, for a (what) website?!!" ^_^"

So! On your article where you uncover the great unknown movement to get Obama's, (or ZObama, as I've deemed him) death certificate, you never said anything about his family being, or not being, flesh eaters as well...could you perhaps clear that bit up?

You have a [dangerously] religious fan in moi, - Mela

Josh: Excellent question, Mela. Obama's wife does seem to be a normal human being, although she does hate America, which really makes her more of a half-human, half-terrorist...thing. So, Obama's children are one half zombie, one quarter human, and one quarter terrorist. Thanks for writing!

In Other News

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